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What is Web Hosting?
- Web hosting is a service that allows you to upload and store a site’s HTML documents and related files on a web server. This makes the files available on the World Wide Web for viewing by the public. It is also called site hosting.

How will it help me and my business?
- Using the Internet, you will be able to make your files available to the World Wide Web even if you are not available online. Just like advertisements, Web Hosting will be able to help you advertise your business anywhere and anytime at a minimal cost.

I have no business yet, how will I able to utilize your services?
- Putting your portfolio online when you are looking for a job is an advantage, not only in the IT field, but with other fields as well. It will not only minimize the papers you will be bringing during the interviews, it will also give your potential employers more time to evaluate your work

I’m still a student and I can’t afford it.
- Of course you do!! For as low as 100 pesos a month, you will be able to have your own website with your own email that will be advantageous with your presentations and transfer of paperwork, especially the transferring of files that are more than what your normal free email accounts can offer.

I don’t have a credit card.
- You don’t need a credit card to transact with us. Once you have decided to do business with us, we will give you information on how to settle your bill.

I am interested in availing your service, what do I need to do?

- You can send your email to sales@fiestahosting.com to answer our inquiries. We are working on an online form as of the moment so we can take your order online.

Your service is pretty cheap, what if I want to pay for one whole year?
- You can do so and we will give you one month free service.

What if I refer your service to my friends, do I get a discount?

- For every 2 referrals, you get one month free service.

Technical FAQ

What do I do to get started?
- First of all you need to have a domain registered. We can do that process for you or you can do it yourself.

I want to have my domain registered myself, what are the name servers that I am going to use?
- If you are going to register your domain, please have the name servers point to ns1.fiestahosting.com and ns2.fiestahosting.com

I have my domains registered, now what?
- After 24 hours upon registration, the domain name has been propagated and can be seen throughout the world wide web. Your domain can now be seen by using your favorite browser and pulling up the address http://yourdomain.com (yourdomain.com is the name of the domain you have registered).

I want to upload my files, how do I do that?
- Use an ftp client (absolute ftp, ws_ftp, etc.) to upload your file (please email support@fiestahosting.com to get more information). All your files should be uploaded in the public_html folder. Once uploaded, you can see your files online.

How do I avail of the other features that you are offering?
- You can check the services we are offering by pulling up the address http://www.fiestahosting.com/cpanel and log in using the username and password that we have provided you in the new account email. All the services that are offered there are yours for free.

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